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Music for viola and electronics - Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel on iTunes and bandcamp

Music for viola and electronics - Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel

 My Mathias Rust Remix for Love+Radio.org

Love & Radio

Road movie, a new recording with Mehmet Polat, Oene van Geel & Anton Goudsmit on my soundcloud

Video for Descend  (Banabila & Machinefabriek - 2012) by Susie Sie (vimeo staffpick !)

SOS save Ms Stubnitz  compilation release on bandcamp

New Ambientblog mix : Tapu 25

Muziek voor docu serie Speeches - VPRO

Muziek voor Tegenlicht aflevering Digitaal Geheugenverlies - VPRO

Geluids-ontwerp voor Het Aards Paradijs - theater Zeelandia

Gorlice 2014 edit on Mixcloud

Sound for new film by Gerco de Ruijter; Playground

Cloud Ensemble

Cloud Ensemble

Recensies More Research From The Same Dept. & Cloud Ensemble in Gonzo Circus 121

IEM podcast   by Dmitry Vasilyev

** Banabila, Mens & Douma live @ Worm now on bandcamp

** More Research From The Same Dept.
More Research From The Same Dept.
** Float review by PvC featured on Headphone Commute.
** Interview with Grzegorz Bojanek for Polish blog Polyphonia
** Concertzender radio special  by Mike Kramer.

** Crowds, video by Geert Mul


** Awarded with a stipendium by FPK  for the period of  2013 - 2014.

** Between Your Eyes and Mine (7" single) in OEP Best Vinyl of 2013 mix.

** Float, featured in Ambientblog.
** Float, available via iTunes  and bandcamp.
** Artikel / Tapu cd + vinyl recensies door Oscar Smit in Gonzo Circus 118.

** E.T. in mix  (Boarding Pass), by Rone, (covermounted CD) for the Tsugi Magazine Sampler 66.

** Banabila & Mens  4 track EP
Michel Banabila & Radboud Mens vinyl EP
** ZoomWorld  tracks in De Techmens  (Tegenlicht)
** Banabila & Mens : Co Live ! Radio 6

** Hirshhorn podcast now streaming at the Hirshhorn website and iTunes
Michel Banabila at the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC 2013

** Travelog on iTunes

** Crops  vertoning met Q & A op het Nederlands Film Festival

** Travelog  op de VPRO luisterpaal
** Travelog  (Banabila & Machinefabriek II) , CD, September 12, 2013, at bandcamp.

Banabila & Machinefabriek - Travelog

** Crops  (video by Gerco de Ruijter / sounddesign Michel Banabila) opens in the Hirschhorn Museum & Sculpture Gardens Black Box space

Crops - Gerco de Ruijter

**  Interference   (ZoomWorld) in the Vital Weekly 895 podcast.

 ** The Trenkel Sessions (Earlabs) , with Banabila, Meelkop, Mens, Simonis, Zuydervelt.

 ** Banabila & Scanner : 'Between Your Eyes and Mine', 7" vinyl (single).

Banabila & Scanner - Between Your Eyes and Mine

** Interview & music special VPRO Radio 6.

** 12 inch vinyl Banabila, Erker, Machinefabriek & Zenial

Banabila - Erker - Machinefabriek - Zenial vinyl EP

** ZoomWorld, featuring new recordings with Radboud Mens, and more, now on bandcamp.

Michel Banabila - ZoomWorld

** 'Eclipse', exclusive track for A compilation CD :'In Progress ; Various Artists, Volume II'.

In Progress - Laznia Poland

** 8 minute video compilation of Red Ear 2013 performance now on vimeo.

** Gardening extendedVital Weekly 879 review & Niki Jumpei added to the Vital Weekly podcast #400.

** Ambientblog reviews.

** '47 Voice Loops', now available on bandcamp.

47 Voice Loops - Michel Banabila

** Out Now : Gardening Extended.

** A video by Marielle Uiterwijk Winkel for Future Vodka, now on vimeo : 'Circus'.

Circus - Marielle Uiterwijk Winkel

** New tracks added to 'In Other Words'.

** New recording by Valery Alakhov, Michel Banabila & Svakha ; download on soundcloud.

** Online now : 'Phoneme Transmit', a project for Disquiet Junto #57.

** Out Now : Malpertus - (As contributors) ; Michel Banabila & Philippe Petit (compilation CD / 2013) Antibothis - Thisco.

** Crops premiere at IFFR 2013.

** Interview with Perry Holt ; In the Quiet - PBS radio on Sunday January 20.

** Yarra Valley video added on vimeo for Deep In The Forest.


** Banabila & Machinefabriek on Fluid Radio

** Out Now : Banabila & Machinefabriek (CD + downloads) december 12, 2012.

New recordings with ZuluBlue.

** Tivoli Live / SD12 - X Rated - 26 december 2012 Concertzender.

** CD 'SS De Liefde' : Keimpe de Jong, John Buijsman, Cok Van Vuuren & Michel Banabila.

** Interview door Erik Brus in Gehavende Stad  (Brus/De Vries - Lebowski 2012).

** Recording with Goran Kamil ; a strings version of "Ears Tell Us Where We Are In Space".

** New video by Gerco de Ruijter for 'Terra Incognita'.

** Interview, audio + video VPRO Tegenlicht site.

** Music from Route Planner & Fields of Flowers in Marije Meerman's new documentary China ; van Cartier naar Confucius.

** Sound design for 3 palmtoptheater films by Geert Mul for VOLT : free download here.

** New recordings, now available at bandcamp : Gardening.

** Concertzender / X Rated live recordings at bandcamp : SumDark 12.

** New video by Geert Mul for Voltage Voltage Remix now online.

** Migrations in HOS podcast : Desert Caravan.

** Erker, Samson & Banabila live ; short edit now on vimeo.

** All WDKa films now online for Where ? (VoizNoiz)

** New tracks added to 'In Other Words'

** TENT performance at youtube.

** Radboud Mens Remix now online at bandcamp : Voltage Voltage.

** Start of a new video project with students of WDKA, soon online.

** Guest lecture on the Shanghai Conservatory of Music ; "The Mixture / music & places ; an exploration between sound & location".

** 'Organ Music Softly', a collabs by Robert Jarvis, Alln4tural & Michel Banabila .

Deel 2 interview vpro radio De Wissel.

** Crops ; start of a new video-project with Gerco de Ruijter.

** Interview vpro radio De Wissel.

** Letting Go (Gerco de Ruijter) at IFFR 2012.

** A new video by Geert Mul for Read My Lips on vimeo.

** Interview Mousique Blog.

** Music score for One False Move, a film by Clara van Gool & Ria Marks. (Key Film)

** Out now : Route Planner CD / Michel Banabila & Mete Erker.

** Read My Lips : a very nice IP Remix by Bogumil Misala.

** New podcast online.

** A new documentary by Rob Schröder (Holland Doc), "Een aanzienlijke reserve aan beschaving", soundtrack by Banabila. 


** Muziek voor Prometheus, van 4 oktober t/m 19 november 2011, Noord Nederlands Toneel. 

** Music for Nan Hoover films (live soundtrack interpretation).

** Infinite Road, a new collabs with Gerco de Ruijter.

Purloined Voices, an article on Disquiet.com by Marc Weidenbaum.

Review: The Latest Research From The Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, in Ether Real. (see reviews on this page)

** Grounds concert : NTR Radio 6 Live.

** Collapsus on TV.

** In Other Words, Boat & Read My Lips : new downloads on soundcloud.

** Video (WDKA project) for 'Bicycle Exotica' on vimeo.

** Video (WDKA project) for 'Pirates' on youtube.

** Music for Letting Go, a video by Gerco de Ruijter on vimeo.

** Grounds : Vloeimans, Polat & Banabila live, a video by Geert Mul.

** Fields of Flowers ; EP album with contributions by Mete Erker, Eric Vloeimans, Joshua Samson & Jasper Soffers, out now on iTunes.

** A Crowd Of Voices (iTunes podcast).

** Migrations CD + interview on Echoes Radio.

** New recordings with Mete Erker.

** Vocal Void film in museum Breda.

** A new article on Disquiet by Marc Weidenbaum.

** Out Now : The Latest Research From The Department Of Electrical Engineering. (2011)

** Migrations CD #2 in top 25 Echoes Radio / interview with John Diliberto.

** Words Make A City ; new video online by Geert Mul (track : My Brain Is Electric)

** New soundscapes for Conny Janssen Danst & Anne Soldaat. (ZOUT)

** New albums available on iTunes.

** Streets, Dreams & Memories mix in Kink FM X Rated


** In A Language I Can Understand selected for Madatac 02, Madrid, December 2010. 

** New promo discs arrived.

** One track submitted to Numbers (CD), a project by Peter Broderick, on Sonic Pieces.

** Music for Twist.

** A new podcast by Peter van Cooten, more info and download here.

** Upc Hands (Tommy Pallotta), tune for a tv commercial.

** Voices From Within, a set on soundcloud.

** Muziek voor Alice In Wonderland van Ko Van Den Bosch (NNT).

** Urban Scapes remixed.

** Soundscape for Common Ground, (with live performances by Daniela Bernoulli, Mete Erker & Corrie van Binsbergen) a choreography by Conny Janssen.

** Out now ; a special limited vinyl edition (remixes) with Scanner.

** Music for The Perfume Route. (trailer)

** Videos In A Language I Can Understand & Something Unspoken broadcasted in Transfera.

** 'New recording with Mehmet Polat, on soundcloud.

** Music for Collapsus, an interactive online film by Tommy Pallotta for Submarine / VPRO.

** Music for Vocal Void, a 30 min. video by Geert Mul & Michel Banabila (IFFB 2010).

** Article on Disquiet.

** New live set with Geert Mul.

** Music score for feature film White Dove (Kevoka Spî) by Viyan Mayi, with Salar Said.

** Precious Images (2CD) now on iTunes.

** Soundtrack for 'Abu Birth', a short film by Tommy Pallotta about the history of Abu Dhabi, for Submarine.

** Lapidarium ; a new recording with Anton Goudsmit, Mehmet Polat & Anne Bakker.

** Music for Stand Up, a theatre play by Het Zuidelijk Toneel.

** Mixes for 'Random Acces Melodies', a new cd by Sandhya Sanjana.

** Small Talk  (off balance quasimodo mix) added to the Drone Project on Dark Duck Records.

** Zip Zap Zoom video trailer, choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa on 'A Strong Sense Of Urgency'.

** Free downloads on Soundcloud ; 'Something Unspoken' & 'Missing Words'

** Factories from the sky (track with Zenial) on Lumberton compilation CD Autumn Blood (constructions) out now.

** Collabs with Geert Mul on Youtube.

** New track uploaded on Soundcloud ; '...In A Language I Can Understand ...'

** Recordings with Salar Asid, Julia Ohrmann, Eric Vloeimans and Heiko Dijker: listen on myspace.

** Music for Grand Paris, a documentary by Bregtje van der Haak.

** Music for I am Gurgaon, a documentary by Marije Meerman.

** 'De mening van 6' ; NPS radio 28 Juni.

** T A P E (mix 2) ; bandcamp.

** 4 Page article by Corne Evers & some Flickr pix in Gonzo Magazine #92

** 'Friederich Remixed', new track online ; Folio - Radio 6.

** March 29 ; remix by Banabila (with Eric Vloeimans on trumpet) of Scanner's "The Radiance Of A Thousand Suns Burst Forth At Once", in X-Rated.


** Soundscape for 'Les Plus Beaux' , an installation by Silvia B : GEM, November 15, 2008. 

** Out now : 'Precious Images' a new 2cd album (Steamin' Soundworks /Clearspot), release October 13, 2008.

** Music for 'De grote verkiezingsshow' : ZHT.

** Traces in top 25, September 2008 : Echoes Radio.

** Soundscape for 'Festival WWW 2008'.

** VoizNoiz 3 songs in soundtrack of feature film In real life ("Het echte leven") by Robert Jan Westdijk. (A-film distribution)

** Music for 'A moody guy's audible dream', a video by Geert Mul.

'The idea of voice' : online contribution for Consemble, an 'open source'-inspired compositional project.

** Downloads on Audiotong with Zenial.

** Music for Het HuisKamerOnweer, a theatre play by Orkater.

** Soundtrack for Satellite Queens, a documentary about the talkshow Kalam Nawaem by Bregtje van der Haak. (Submarine / VPRO)


** (2007) 'TRACES', new compilation cd. 

** Phonema-remix : free download : Headphonica-sampler.

** Soundtrack (with Arend Niks, Arthur Flink, Yasar Saka & Salar Asid) for Onze Jongens, a documentary by Bregtje van der Haak. (Tegenlicht - VPRO).

** Soundtrack for Het Appelmoesmeisje, (Overleven in NL) a documentary by Marije Meerman. (VPRO)

** Opening Las Palmas Culture ; soundtrack for a video by Geert Mul.

** Soundtrack for 'Martha Vonk gaat naar Istanbul', a film by Hester Overmars. (Selfmadefilms) /NCRV.

** VPRO Radio special = De Wandelende Tak.

** New vodcast : Banabila-Mink MU/NoTV D-Fuse night.

** Videology : performance-clips on YouTube with Olga Mink.

** 'Remscapes' : sound-design for a video-installation by Solu, (Moa exhibition, Lume, Helsinki.) 


** Music for 'Match the movie.' (video by Geert Mul) - Sonic Acts XI dvd / The Wire, issue february '06. 

** More work on a brand new site + live webradio : Streamer.nl.

** New cd/dvd "Live mix" with Monoscope : Requiem records.

** 3 Remixes for Zenial.

** Music for 'September', a choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa.

** Music for 'Samual' , a film by Tami Ravid. (RinkelFilm)

** Music for 'Stroom' , a film by Jord den Hollander. (order dvd here)

** 2 Hilarious expedition tracks in 'Rebound' a choreography by Conny Janssen.

** On tour ; "Vuka! Vuka!" , music (in collabs with Fihli Malatji, Menzi Biyela, Pops Mohammed, McCoy Mrubata, Jeanett Ratlabjana, Dumisile Mqadi, Fred van der Hilst, Meriam Nkwinika, Piet Legerstee, Yasar Saka & Onica Mashatola) for a theatre-show by Het Waterhuis in South Africa.

** Music for "Eiland" , a theatre play by Orkater

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