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HOME Conny Janssen Danst (music by Maarten Vos & Michel Banabila) streaming online again.

New collaboration with Pierre Bastien: BanBas Aura (single) - listen on bandcamp.

On Substack: This Week In Sound - win a free Uprooted CD

Repress of Echo Transformations - shipping around October 18th.

September 27th: joining global launch #MusiciansForPalestine

(artwork by Susanna Gonzo)

New podcast: September 2022 Mix.

Flow State interview + playlist.

Second pressing (hand numbered limited edition, CD in wallet) of Uprooted (2019).

Uprooted - Michel Banabila

Limited edition CD: Singles (2020-2022), compilation in digipak.

 Singles (2020 - 2022) - Michel Banabila

Music licensed to Artius Dance Theatre.

Contour 2022 - Gerco de Ruijter & Michel Banabila on vimeo.

Echo Transformations in HHV top 50 list for 2022.

More Research From The Same Dept. cassette tape version.

One Moment In Time cassette tape version.

Winter Sketches cassette tape version.

Sound for The Galactic Hacker Party (Paradiso, Amsterdam 1989) by Michel Banabila & Willem Cramer.

Monochromes tape available in Séance Centre shop.

Third collaboration with Stijn Hüwels & Cok van Vuuren: Massive.

Single: Sounds From An Unforgettable Place.

Spider, Spit & Broken Bells licensed to SF Danceworks.

Camera - with Olaf Keus.

Guerilla Tactics licensed to WMU Dance.

EP: Monochromes.

Opening Kunstenlab 2 mei om 17:00 - installatie van Teodora Ionescu met muziek van Nobuka & Michel Banabila (via EscRec)

New collaboration with Cengiz Arslanpay & Oene van Geel: Waking Memory.

HOME - Conny Janssen Danst, the film edition, now streaming online until May 7, 2022.

Little Ox awarded as best animation at Music and Cinema Marseille.

Bandcamp fundraiser: #StandWithUkraine.

Listen to: Orbital Resonance.