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New Land featured on Mid East Tunes blog

Trespassing / Marilli: Rush Hour Amsterdam

Trespassing / Marilli in the iTunes stores

Sound Years limited edition cassette: C020TR

Sound Years limited edition cassette tape C020TR

Muziek voor Hollandse Meesters 6 (doc) van David Kleijwegt: portret Pieter Engels.

'Perspectives', a new video by Sibasahabi, with: (music) Travelog by Banabila & Machinefabriek.

New mixes on my mixcloud.

 banabila mixcloud

Interview on Trespassing featured on Japanese Post Ambient blog.

New tracks added to Mid East Tunes.

Interview on Trespassing with Brandon Hocura.

Banabila Trespassing

Out on Séance Centre: Trespassing (02SC - 2LP vinyl).

Home op gala Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht.

New Land, an album with Mehmet Polat & Eric Vloeimans. (download only).


Live recordings with Radboud Mens (Le Guess Who & Steim Summer Party 2015) now free download at bandcamp.

Music for 'Vanishing Point' by the Yin Yue Dance Company.

New submissions for Disquiet Junto: disquiet 0294 & 0295.

2 tracks for Human TV for Michael Sandel docs.

Stop Motion, music for videos by Gerco de Ruijter, now on bandcamp.

Preparing live sound for an upcoming VR set by Gerco de Ruijter: Tether.

 Music for 'Shibuya Blues', a new choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa for Tulsa Ballet.

New video by Marit Shalem for Hephaestus.

Canadian label Séance Centre with new Youtube channel online, featuring a few Marilli tracks:

Banabila - Trespassing / Séance Centre  Youtube

May 5th - 2017, a concert with Eric Vloeimans, Onderzeeboot Loods Rotterdam:

Eric Vloeimans & Michel Banabila live, onderzeeboot loods 2017

In production: score for Sand Wanderer, a short animation film by Eric Giessmann.

Sandwanderer - Eric Giessmann film

Music special on Estonian Klassika Raadio by Johanna Mängel, with tracks from Michel Banabila with Salar Asid, Machinefabriek, Oene van Geel, Eric Vloeimans:

NYYD-muusika. Mitmetahuline Michel Banabila

Streaming now: a mix for the Solénoïde Radioshow, about my musical influences.

Banabila mix for Solénoïde Radio

2LP vinyl including Marilli reissue will be available soon for pre order at Rush Hour

Coming up: Trespassing (Séance Centre) / summer 2017)

RA: Invisible City Editions co-founder Brandon Hocura launches new label, Séance Centre

A new mix, commissioned for Six Pillars Org. at Resonance FM

Ambientblog exclusive download: 'Dissolve'

Ambientblog - Dissolve installation - Gerco de Ruijter & Michel Banabila

Sound Years now available at the iTunes stores

New submission for Disquiet Junto: Hope [Disquiet Junto 0271- Prison Sky]

You can order the Home CD online at the CJD site

Sound design for Dissolve, a new video installation with Gerco de Ruijter for HAFF 2017

Sell Me Your Secret (Maastd) wint zilveren krekel

Ambientblog on Home & Sound Years

Loek Zonneveld over Home in de Groene Amsterdammer

Resonance FM fundraiser!- go to Resonance FM Auction

AlpenOo fundraiser! - go to chrisdooks.bandcamp.com

Sound Years mix out now on bandcamp (020TR/ 33rpm 12" vinyl LP)

Sound Years - vinyl LP - Michel Banabila

Grid Corrections - Gerco de Ruijter & Michel Banabila - LIMA selection: IFFR 2017 screening (Borderless program)

On tour : HOME - Conny Janssen Danst

Conny Janssen Danst Home - Michel Banabila & Maarten Vos

(photo Leo Van Velzen)