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Disquiet Junto : 'Rework source audio from Banabila's 1983 album'. [dec 17th, 2015]

Marilli remixed project [dec.14th, 2015]

flyer Marilli Remixed

Tapu sampler, a 15-track compilation in a 3 panel digipak (recordings from 2005 - 2015), limited edition

Tapu Sampler 2016 - Michel Banabila

Vleugels, a recording with Oene van Geel, featured in the I Care If You Listen - Fall 2015 Mixtape

I Care If You Listen MixTape 2015

Music for  'What Is Open' - Richard Goodman [Disquiet 0202 - Cost of Freedom]

Out Now: Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves II

Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves II - Michel Banabila

Excerpt Oorsprong Curator session online

Interview Concertzender met Maxim Chapochnikov

Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves

Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves I - Michel Banabila

Ambientblog's 10th Anniversary Celebration (2 exclusive tracks)

Banabila live at Sonic Circuits 2015

Playground selected for the 17th Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema,  Paris, October 7th-18th.

World Cinema Award for Meet Me In Venice (Woodstock Film Festival NY)

Ian Martin & Michel Banabila : Analog Duo (EP)

AnalogDuo Artwork Final 

Fan drones for drone fans : 'Eyes Closed', now at the iTunes stores

Eyes Closed - Michel Banabila

Sunshade Parasol, a new Cloud Ensemble track, available as a free download

NFF 2015

Amal - Asid & Banabila

 Amal - Salar Asid & Michel Banabila

Jump Cuts now available in the iTunes stores

Banabila, Mens & Douma live @ Steim

Nieuwe Noten

 Jump Cuts live, a new video by Marco Douma

Out now : Jump Cuts (EP)

Banabila Jump Cuts

Viewpoint   by Banabila, Erker, & Samson

Viewpoint - Michel Banabila, Mete Erker, Joshua Samson

Crowds remix : Anas Maghrebi, Michel Banabila & Geert Mul live

Love and Radio Remixed, Volume 1

The Discreet Charm Of Consumerism by Various Artists (B56 Stuff)

Error Log by Banabila & Machinefabriek

Banabila & Machinefabriek - Error Log 

Live jam (excerpt) with Anas Maghrebi @ Yukunkun now on youtube

Big Data Poetry live @ the Global Week For Syria, Beirut

Fluid Radio blog: 'Two Banabila duos'

Both CDs with Oene van Geel featured on Headphone Commute

Music for viola and electronics I + II  featured in Ambientblog article

Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel -  Music for viola and electronics II

Music For Viola And Electronics II - Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel

Don Hill's Café Acousmatic / PRX Radio Guests: Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel

Score (with Beppe Costa))  for Meet Me In Venice (Eddy Terstall / 2015)

Meet Me In Venice - Beppe Costa & Michel Banabila

Crowds video and Playground video selected for IFFR 2015

Music for 'Time and Place, a talk with my mom', Martijn Veldhoen, (Dutch Mountain Movies) , IFFR 2015

Crowds remix - bandcamp