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** Muziek voor Prometheus, van 4 oktober t/m 19 november 2011, Noord Nederlands Toneel. 

** Music for Nan Hoover films (live soundtrack interpretation).

** Infinite Road, a new collabs with Gerco de Ruijter.

Purloined Voices, an article on Disquiet.com by Marc Weidenbaum.

Review: The Latest Research From The Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, in Ether Real. (see reviews on this page)

** Grounds concert : NTR Radio 6 Live.

** Collapsus on TV.

** In Other Words, Boat & Read My Lips : new downloads on soundcloud.

** Video (WDKA project) for 'Bicycle Exotica' on vimeo.

** Video (WDKA project) for 'Pirates' on youtube.

** Music for Letting Go, a video by Gerco de Ruijter on vimeo.

** Grounds : Vloeimans, Polat & Banabila live, a video by Geert Mul.

** Fields of Flowers ; EP album with contributions by Mete Erker, Eric Vloeimans, Joshua Samson & Jasper Soffers, out now on iTunes.

** A Crowd Of Voices (iTunes podcast).

** Migrations CD + interview on Echoes Radio.

** New recordings with Mete Erker.

** Vocal Void film in museum Breda.

** A new article on Disquiet by Marc Weidenbaum.

** Out Now : The Latest Research From The Department Of Electrical Engineering. (2011)

** Migrations CD #2 in top 25 Echoes Radio / interview with John Diliberto.

** Words Make A City ; new video online by Geert Mul (track : My Brain Is Electric)

** New soundscapes for Conny Janssen Danst & Anne Soldaat. (ZOUT)

** New albums available on iTunes.

** Streets, Dreams & Memories mix in Kink FM X Rated