Pork 073 is 20 tracks of crosscultural Michel Banabila sample construction. Passing voices captured in Rotterdam and Yemen are snipped up and tossed around, tiled groovily together over live-percussion and even an oud-sample. A host of Dutch musicians assist Banabila in this project, singer Ali Idrissi among them. The result is a beautiful constellation of modal arabic lines and colorings, both vocal and instrumental, in Banabila's cosmopolitan city soundsetting. The tenor is suave throughout ã we¼re taking a mixed look at the contemporary Dutch and Arab worlds, after all ã but Banabila explores diverse beats and beat-abstractions with the same multilingual facility that pervades the voicenet textures throughout. And from this, a large number of hypnotic, jazzy aural sidestreets result. VoizNoiz is both carefully constructed and accessible. maybe this is what happens when the promise of postmodern collage holds up.

Trevor Baca