SINGLES ONLY : Cards On The Table

Each of the three contributors (DJs, architects, poets, musicians - not necessarily exclusively)  to the Cards On The Table EP brough along sound sources to their studio sessions - the results were cut and pasted on a hard disc, and now presented as a nicely-packaged CD. A word on the presentation, which is pleasingly related to the title - the inner jewel case is cut from a table cloth, with a playing card enclosed, while, as with Staalplaat's Material series, the artist details, barcode etc. are printed on the case itself. There's a handy icon showing a finger pressing a shuffle button too, so that and the instructions on the case point to the preferred method of listening. The results are pleasingly scattershot, as thuds of various sorts collide with avant scrape and digital glitchery; wafts of identifiable sound mix with the attenuated ooze of hard-disc twists, wheezing sound sources merge with what might be voices, and the overall effect is half-stimulating, half mushed-up wallpaper (or tablecloth) music. Chunky fragments of drum rhythms make for disjointed non-grooves, but not for long as the next switchback is as likely to result in some plundered noise or stuttering/gurgling environmental sounds overlaid with clicks and pops. Cards On The Table makes for a disorienting listen, proposing the sound of random acts of passing aetherial voices and music as a form of meta-Jazz perhaps.

Antron S. Meister