'VoizNoiz II' is Michel Banabila's second CD in his 'Urban Sound Scapes' series. His previous release was a wholly more ambient affair, taking samples from the streets and buildings of Rotterdam and integrating them into his own diverse musical soundscapes. This time around Banabila delivers a more trippy experimental sound, based on spliced, looped vocal samples. Throughout the mass of samples and hi-tech noise particles, we find some decent laid back ambient-electro, the upbeat 'Speak' is a fast paced, beat driven track, with ethereal undertones, whilst 'The Birth Of An Alien' provides some fascinating alienesque exotica. The jazzy, 'Dinoh Dinoh' changes the albums route dramatically, with it's sophisticated urban feel acting as a catalyst toward delivering the realisation that Banabila is really quite a talent. This highly experimental and creative cross breed of styles and soundscapes, all under the electronica umbrella, is a unique piece of work, with Banabila ensuring that the listener never quite knows what is about to come next. Occasionally it appears that Banabila is wholly improvising with his machines, therefore occasionally the album loses it's thread and becomes rather broken and fragmented. It also lacks melody at times, but overall, Banabila just about manages to pull it all together to create something with more than a little substance.