This found-sound amalgam of jazzy trip-hop and artful ambience is a genuine sum of all its parts, as VoizNoiz 2 picks up almost exactly where Michel Banabila's first VoizNoiz album left off. With a David Lynch-meets-Talking Heads-meets- Art of Noise sensibility, Banabila's quirky art-funk is rife with humor and drama supported by an under-current of street sounds and compelling melodies. Recording this disc in his home studio in Rotterdam, Banabila gets assistance from Hannes Vennik and Bobby (cohorts from 2000's Cards on the Table concept album), as well as other Dutch musicians. Heaping electronica upon exotica upon jazz upon techno upon dream-blurred polka, Banabila is creating some of the most satisfyingly unclassifiable music today.

Mark Burbey