UNDERBELLY SOUNDART: Echo Transformations

A visit to this hard-working artist’s studio is always fun and worth the bike ride, as Echo Transformations proves again how Banabila is at his best creating his characteristic fourth world atmospheres infused by warped electro-acoustic manipulation. Listening to it brings associations with Martin Denny’s exotica but then tele-transported to the present day. Let’s hope though that the sounds of birds and insects, intricately woven into the soundscapes, are still more than just echoes from a modernist past. I love the artwork by the way! Made by Kezia Phillips, it’s spot-on when you consider the title of the album. (Mariette Groot)

Music composer & sound artist. Michel Banabila releases music since 1983 and has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, video art, theatre plays & choreographies. His music varies from minimal loop-based electronica, 4th world and neoclassical pieces, to drones, experimental ambient, and punk-as-fuck tape music. In addition to acoustic instrumentation, Banabila uses electronics, field recordings, and snippets from radio, tv and internet.

Bureau B, Eilean Rec, Séance Centre, Pork Recordings, Tone Casualties, Challenge Records, Steamin' Soundworks, Knekelhuis, Tapu Records.