VITAL WEEKLY 1316: Echo Transformations

Banabila is still doing the job very well. This new release one might use as an introduction to his sound world. The music here ranges from rusty cassette loops (in a track called just that) to exotic drumming in 'Balafon Dub', spacious flutes, synthesizers and soundscapes ('The Three Stages Of Endurance'). Yes, some of this music one could call Fourth World music, but just as well ambient, field recordings or pure electronic. In Banabila's music, the melody is a strong point of reference. It is always there, no more if something abstract is going on. Melodies on wind instruments, keyboards or strings don't matter, but it's there. Dark and moody, light and exotic, and sometimes all that combined within one piece of music. 'MltVz 5' is the album poppiest moment, with a computerized voice and strong rhythm; in a different world, this would be a hit and the go-to track for several remixes. Unfortunately, such a world no longer exists; well, or Banabila is just not part of such a world, which is equally a shame. Have you never heard his music? This album is a great one to get acquainted with his music, and if you are a fan, well, then you have this already.  (FdW)

Echo Transformations