Today we are in Rotterdam where two sound scientists are going to show us the world from a wider perspective. In case you thought you had any significance or what you’re worrying about matters, we’ll look at what a meaningless speck you are in space and time. But it won’t be grim, it will be lush and amazing. The title track has a repeated narration that pulls back from the earth watching our activity upon its surface turn to pattern and fade out, the cover is an extreme close up on the face of a bug. Micro and Macro worlds are the overarching ideas at work here. While treating instrumental music as a soundtrack to something is a lazy and exhausted idea you can imagine this working remarkable effectively over incredible footage of bugs and forests and weather systems and such. It would probably be selling it a little short though because there’s enough texture, detail and finely tuned sound here to occupy your mind and stimulate your imagination without the need of lush images. A meticulous blend of field recordings, electronics and ‘real’ instruments it creates a wonderful set of atmospheres that are as much sound design as composition. Inkeeping with the projects concept the more you pay attention the more you notice the incredible range of sounds subtly woven into it, layer upon layer. Couple of glasses of wine, put this on your headphones, see yourself as a tiny bug in a vast and teeming universe, wonder at it, let go your ego – that kind of thing.

Macrocosms square 1000x1000

Music composer & sound artist. Michel Banabila releases music since 1983 and has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, video art, theatre plays & choreographies. His music varies from minimal loop-based electronica, 4th world and neoclassical pieces, to drones, experimental ambient, and punk-as-fuck tape music. In addition to acoustic instrumentation, Banabila uses electronics, field recordings, and snippets from radio, tv and internet.

Bureau B, Eilean Rec, Séance Centre, Pork Recordings, Tone Casualties, Challenge Records, Steamin' Soundworks, Knekelhuis, Tapu Records.