VITAL WEEKLY 1011: Tapu sampler 2016


In these economic hard times it becomes increasingly difficult to run a proper label, one that actually gets stuff pressed on black plates or shiny discs.

This means that Banabila has to put an end to his Tapu Records label and will only exist in the digital domain. As a farewell there is this double CD, a kind of 'best of'  from Tapu Records, showcasing Banabila's many musical interests.

Ever since he released his first LP, 'Marilli', in 1983, he is a on a constant exploration of musical textures: ambient, ethnic, electronic, noise. Everything that Banabila does is part of this; there is wild drumming, beautiful serene and intimate textures, modular synthesizers, the trumpet of Eric Vloeimans, film soundtrack like music and all of that; it is all part of this 140-minute collection.

For all those people, who are to discover Banabila's music, this is a treasure trove of Banabila's musical development in the last ten years.