TOUCHING EXTREMES : Banabila & Machinefabriek

Cloaked harmoniums producing handsomely concordant drones. Unhasty melodies floating through amniotic liquids full of fluorescent spumes, occasional pops and curious signals, then a sort of spastic tap dancing kicks in. A phlegmatic weirdness imbued with the same wide-eyedness of a child discovering the world. The stifling of desires and aspirations under the ebb and flow of inexplicability. The ears pushed by compelling pulses coming 'from within'. Circumstantial noises taken from uncharted places, discriminatingly mingled with the electronic textures. Voices from insubstantial locations, disintegrated until they become just another shade in the music's fabric. Thousands of digital crumbles materializing everywhere. Stinging frequencies over guttural roars. This long-distance alliance holds several aces, though one couldn't really formalize the result as innovative. The stuff remains rather riveting nevertheless, proudly representing the 'honorable' side of this jam-packed zone of sound-making.

Massimo Ricci.