VITAL WEEKLY : Precious images

The first CD of this double album contains pieces taken from earlier albums, especially the 'Voiznoiz'- and 'Spherics'-series. If it is so that these albums are hard to get, this compilation makes sense and brings a nice overview of the respective series. The album ends with three lengthy soundscapes that really go deep. Abstracted from melody and rhythm, Banabila designs his most abstract paintings up till now. 'Night' is a true ambient-piece, attracting no special attention but simultaneously it really works as a perfect piece of ambient music. 'Crime Scene' starts with a long intro with sounds generated from gongs and percussion. Special mentioning deserves the guitarplaying by Anton Goudsmit in 'Ears tell us where we are in space'. With the help of these and other musicians, Banabila does it again: an album of warm and well-constructed global ambient music.