Some appreciators of the electronic arts may know Michel Banabila from his VoizNoiz-project, he also cooperated with Genetic Factor and Chi. Spherics was released in 2001 under his own name, the album's title is very appropriate. On this cd interesting and spherical (sic) ambient with an identity of its own can be found. Nowadays most ambient acts work with electronic instruments only, Michel Banabila (sampler & edits) decided to do things differently. Besides him we can find Piet Lichtveld on guitar, Jorien Muste plays the violin and a certain Bobby creates the cymbal-drone. If you like the ambient works of Aphex Twin, Forma Tadre's second album or Ulver, Banabila might be worth your listening time as well. Personal favorites of mine are the mysterious Suma 3 - White Mix with its nicely interwoven voice samples and the mechanical Worm-Jazz. All the other tracks are of an equal high standard, mind you.