GAZ-ETA PL : Hilarious expedition

It looks like here Banabila really took the ambient mission to heart and actually produced a very satisfying piece of work. Light beats, heavy samples and occasional voices are thrown into the mix and make up a delicious stew for the mind, as it takes a well deserved rest. While my mind is split on the release, I'd still recommend the second disc for fans of the ambient genre.

Tom Sekowski. 

Music composer & sound artist. Michel Banabila releases music since 1983 and has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, video art, theatre plays & choreographies. His music varies from minimal loop-based electronica, 4th world and neoclassical pieces, to drones, experimental ambient, and punk-as-fuck tape music. In addition to acoustic instrumentation, Banabila uses electronics, field recordings, and snippets from radio, tv and internet.

Bureau B, Eilean Rec, Séance Centre, Pork Recordings, Tone Casualties, Challenge Records, Steamin' Soundworks, Knekelhuis, Tapu Records.