VITAL WEEKLY : Spherics 2

Every new cd by Banabila is a pleasure, but we are not always hearing something completely new. But that may be my problem. There is nothing wrong with his music and craftmanship. He is undoubtely a master in his craft. And by the way, the title of this new cd is 'Spherics II", what indicates that this cd stays within an already established concept. The 'Spherics' series show Banabila from his most ambient side with sensitive and organic music. Carefully arranged and with great feeling for detail and colour. The opening track 'The monitor is dead' is the most heavy one, due to the drums of Ruben van Rompaey. All other tracks have Banabila alone playing ASR-10 sampler and K-station synthesizer. This new cd surely keeps up with the standards of his earlier work. Banabila is still going strong.