From what I've seen on this label run by Hungarian Gabor Csupo, the roster tends to have a dark / industrial and machine-like throbbing-electronic pulsations. Banabila, led by composer Michel Banabila, follows in that same darkness-tinged post-rock-mindset with a release reminiscent of dimension-bending projects like Legendary Pink Dots, System 7, and Ozric Tentacles. It's an all-instrumental affair where layers of synths play a major part in carrying the trance-y pulse forward almost as much as the rhythms played behind them (sometimes live, others programmed). Moving slowly in a dense, Jovian atmosphere, some tracks bridge the gap into dub and others make use of record-popping glitches. Imagine Pole crossed with the Middle Eastern percussion of Muslimgauze and then flipped into more of an ambient, meditative zone. If there's more and more of this type of chillout music floating around, then at least Banabila does it well.

Manny Theiner.