Ambientblog exclusive download: 'Dissolve'

Installation view Dissolve 730x226

Sound Years now available at the iTunes stores

New submission for Disquiet Junto: Hope [Disquiet Junto 0271- Prison Sky]

You can order the Home CD online at the CJD site

Sound design for Dissolve, a new video installation with Gerco de Ruijter for HAFF 2017

One signed original 1983 copy from Marilli for sale on discogs , sold for 200€ (2-2-2017)

Sell Me Your Secret (Maastd) wint zilveren krekel

Ambientblog on Home & Sound Years

Loek Zonneveld over Home in de Groene Amsterdammer

AlpenOo fundraiser! - go to

Sound Years mix out now on bandcamp (020TR/ 33rpm 12" vinyl LP)

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Grid Corrections - Gerco de Ruijter & Michel Banabila - LIMA selection: IFFR 2017 screening (Borderless program)

On tour : HOME - Conny Janssen Danst

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(photo Leo Van Velzen)


Second pressing of Tapu Sampler 2016 (digifile version) now at bandcamp

DjBroadcast: Macrocosms on #3 in Top 16 Dutch releases 2016.

Concertzender online: Banabila & Van Geel live at Fluister, October 9, 2016.

13 minutes of Ringdijk / Dike Ring, a continuous loop installation, now online at vimeo

A Closer Listen 2016: Macrocosms in Top Ten Electronic

New video by Davide Bellotta for HOME

Listen: Close To The Moon

Tapu Records now available at Bleep

Drone ambient sound for Air Base - a new video by  Gerco de Ruijter.


Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel live at AudioArt, Kraków, 2016 (youtube)

Recordings for an album with Maarten Vos, which will be available exclusively at the dance performances of Home, more tba.

Live rescoring with the Chi Factory for Esteban Sapir's La Antena, commissioned by Cinesonic

In A Language I Can Understand / Big Data Poetry / Mawal for Syria in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Live in Home (CJD): Maarten Vos (cello & modular)

Final and revised version Big Data Poetry: Geert Mul & Michel Banabila live at Trouw Amsterdam (2013) uploaded

Interview: live in Home - Conny Janssen Danst 2017

Blog update: Macrocosms

New video by Marco Douma for Earth Visitor

Voorbereidingen Home - Conny Janssen Danst 2017 met Maarten Vos

Geluid voor Sell Me Your Secret van Floris van Delft (Maas Theater)

Macrocosms VPRO luisterpaal

Out Now:  Macrocosms - Banabila & Machinefabriek (CD + download)

Macrocosms square 1000x1000

Blog update: Gerco de Ruijter

Blog update: Atonal 2016

New recording with Maryana Golovchenko

New blog now online


Live at Valkhof 2016:

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Earth Visitor, new album now  on  iTunes stores:


Music licensed for a new choreography, Bonzi, by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa - BalletX.

Early Works, Things Popping Up From The Past, reissue - Bureau B / Tapete records.


Secunde mix (first two tracks on soundcloud)

and video on vimeo

Secunde Remixed

3 tracks in Orphax mix : Dutch Electronics


Early Works track in Ambientblog  mix

ds final square 750 730x226

Music for VPRO White Spots stories by Bregtje van der Haak

  Richard Vijgen White Spots App

Marc Weidenbaum's essay on Early Works / Things Popping Up From The Past

artworks 000016337998 r6d42m t500x500

Whales Calling - Michel Banabila, Oene van Geel, Keimpe de Jong, Koen Kaptijn


Bureau B vinyls just arrived ..  Early Works reissue out in June on CD and LP, now ready for pre-order

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Some snippets from the Rewire concert with Oene van Geel now on vimeo and available as a free download on soundcloud

rewire news

Sound design for a 1 minute clip 'Grid Corrections' by Gerco de Ruijter


Watch and listen to a few snippets from the vinyl release party in Cafe Oto with CHI, now on vimeo

Secunde now available in the iTunes store

secunde cover

Signed with Bureau B for a reissue: "Early Works'

Banabila Early Works

Twee nieuwe recensies in de Gonzo # 132 door Rene van Peer (marilli remixed & tapu sampler 2016)


Sound for Ringdijk, a video installalation by Gerco de Ruijter, for Panorama Continuüm (2016)


Chi The Orginal Recordings reissue by Astral Industries out now, on 2LP vinyl, available at Boomkat


Secunde, music for clarinets, viola, violin, melodica, contrabass, sampler, and saxonett, featuring Oene van Geel, Keimpe de Jong and Ilya Ziblat Shay.

secunde cover

Day dreaming remix for Oscar Roelof Peterse: Une Histoire De Métamorphose - free download at soundcloud


Out now: Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves III


'Wrang'  (Aïssani, Banabila, Hoogeboom)


Compilation for MidEast Tunes


Radio Spelonk (Music for viola and electronics II) with Oene van Geel included on Gonzo's 'Mind The Gap' CD  #118



Disquiet Junto : 'Rework source audio from Banabila's 1983 album'. [dec 17th, 2015]

Marilli remixed project [dec.14th, 2015]

flyer marilli remixed

Tapu sampler, a 15-track compilation in a 3 panel digipak (recordings from 2005 - 2015), limited edition


Vleugels, a recording with Oene van Geel, featured in the I Care If You Listen - Fall 2015 Mixtape


Music for  'What Is Open' - Richard Goodman [Disquiet 0202 - Cost of Freedom]

Out Now: Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves II

Artwork FMR2

Excerpt Oorsprong Curator session online

Interview Concertzender met Maxim Chapochnikov

Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves

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Ambientblog's 10th Anniversary Celebration (2 exclusive tracks)

Banabila live at Sonic Circuits 2015

Playground selected for the 17th Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema,  Paris, October 7th-18th.

World Cinema Award for Meet Me In Venice (Woodstock Film Festival NY)

Ian Martin & Michel Banabila : Analog Duo (EP)

AnalogDuo Artwork Final 

Fan drones for drone fans : 'Eyes Closed', now at the iTunes stores


Sunshade Parasol, a new Cloud Ensemble track, available as a free download

NFF 2015

Amal - Asid & Banabila

 AmalHoes AsidBanabila

Jump Cuts now available in the iTunes stores

Banabila, Mens & Douma live @ Steim

Nieuwe Noten

 Jump Cuts live, a new video by Marco Douma

Out now : Jump Cuts (EP)

Banabila JumpCuts Front

Viewpoint   by Banabila, Erker, & Samson

a0159304418 10

Crowds remix : Anas Maghrebi, Michel Banabila & Geert Mul live

Love and Radio Remixed, Volume 1

The Discreet Charm Of Consumerism by Various Artists (B56 Stuff)

Error Log by Banabila & Machinefabriek

005TR front 

Live jam (excerpt) with Anas Maghrebi @ Yukunkun now on youtube

Big Data Poetry live @ the Global Week For Syria, Beirut

Fluid Radio blog: 'Two Banabila duos'

Both CDs with Oene van Geel featured on Headphone Commute

Music for viola and electronics I + II  featured in Ambientblog article

Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel -  Music for viola and electronics II


Don Hill's Café Acousmatic / PRX Radio Guests: Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel

Score (with Beppe Costa))  for Meet Me In Venice (Eddy Terstall / 2015)


Crowds video and Playground video selected for IFFR 2015

Music for 'Time and Place, a talk with my mom', Martijn Veldhoen, (Dutch Mountain Movies) , IFFR 2015

Crowds remix - bandcamp


Music for viola and electronics - Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel on iTunes and bandcamp


 My Mathias Rust Remix for


Road movie, a new recording with Mehmet Polat, Oene van Geel & Anton Goudsmit on my soundcloud

Video for Descend  (Banabila & Machinefabriek - 2012) by Susie Sie (vimeo staffpick !)

SOS save Ms Stubnitz  compilation release on bandcamp

New Ambientblog mix : Tapu 25

Muziek voor docu serie Speeches - VPRO

Muziek voor Tegenlicht aflevering Digitaal Geheugenverlies - VPRO

Geluids-ontwerp voor Het Aards Paradijs - theater Zeelandia

Gorlice 2014 edit on Mixcloud

Sound for new film by Gerco de Ruijter; Playground

Cloud Ensemble


Recensies More Research From The Same Dept. & Cloud Ensemble in Gonzo Circus 121

IEM podcast   by Dmitry Vasilyev

** Banabila, Mens & Douma live @ Worm now on bandcamp

** More Research From The Same Dept.
** Float review by PvC featured on Headphone Commute.
** Interview with Grzegorz Bojanek for Polish blog Polyphonia
** Concertzender radio special  by Mike Kramer.

** Crowds, video by Geert Mul


** Awarded with a stipendium by FPK  for the period of  2013 - 2014.

** Between Your Eyes and Mine (7" single) in OEP Best Vinyl of 2013 mix.

** Float, featured in Ambientblog.
** Float, available via iTunes  and bandcamp.
** Artikel / Tapu cd + vinyl recensies door Oscar Smit in Gonzo Circus 118.

** E.T. in mix  (Boarding Pass), by Rone, (covermounted CD) for the Tsugi Magazine Sampler 66.

** Banabila & Mens  4 track EP
** ZoomWorld  tracks in De Techmens  (Tegenlicht)
** Banabila & Mens : Co Live ! Radio 6

** Hirshhorn podcast now streaming at the Hirshhorn website and iTunes

** Travelog on iTunes

** Crops  vertoning met Q & A op het Nederlands Film Festival

** Travelog  op de VPRO luisterpaal
** Travelog  (Banabila & Machinefabriek II) , CD, September 12, 2013, at bandcamp.

** Crops  (video by Gerco de Ruijter / sounddesign Michel Banabila) opens in the Hirschhorn Museum & Sculpture Gardens Black Box space

**  Interference   (ZoomWorld) in the Vital Weekly 895 podcast.

 ** The Trenkel Sessions (Earlabs) , with Banabila, Meelkop, Mens, Simonis, Zuydervelt.

 ** Banabila & Scanner : 'Between Your Eyes and Mine', 7" vinyl (single).

** Interview & music special VPRO Radio 6.

** 12 inch vinyl Banabila, Erker, Machinefabriek & Zenial

** ZoomWorld, featuring new recordings with Radboud Mens, and more, now on bandcamp.

** 'Eclipse', exclusive track for A compilation CD :'In Progress ; Various Artists, Volume II'.

** 8 minute video compilation of Red Ear 2013 performance now on vimeo.

** Gardening extendedVital Weekly 879 review & Niki Jumpei added to the Vital Weekly podcast #400.

** Ambientblog reviews.

** '47 Voice Loops', now available on bandcamp.

** Out Now : Gardening Extended.

** A video by Marielle Uiterwijk Winkel for Future Vodka, now on vimeo : 'Circus'.

** New tracks added to 'In Other Words'.

** New recording by Valery Alakhov, Michel Banabila & Svakha ; download on soundcloud.

** Online now : 'Phoneme Transmit', a project for Disquiet Junto #57.

** Out Now : Malpertus - (As contributors) ; Michel Banabila & Philippe Petit (compilation CD / 2013) Antibothis - Thisco.

** Crops premiere at IFFR 2013.

** Interview with Perry Holt ; In the Quiet - PBS radio on Sunday January 20.

** Yarra Valley video added on vimeo for Deep In The Forest.


** Banabila & Machinefabriek on Fluid Radio

** Out Now : Banabila & Machinefabriek (CD + downloads) december 12, 2012.

New recordings with ZuluBlue.

** Tivoli Live / SD12 - X Rated - 26 december 2012 Concertzender.

** CD 'SS De Liefde' : Keimpe de Jong, John Buijsman, Cok Van Vuuren & Michel Banabila.

** Interview door Erik Brus in Gehavende Stad  (Brus/De Vries - Lebowski 2012).

** Recording with Goran Kamil ; a strings version of "Ears Tell Us Where We Are In Space".

** New video by Gerco de Ruijter for 'Terra Incognita'.

** Interview, audio + video VPRO Tegenlicht site.

** Music from Route Planner & Fields of Flowers in Marije Meerman's new documentary China ; van Cartier naar Confucius.

** Sound design for 3 palmtoptheater films by Geert Mul for VOLT : free download here.

** New recordings, now available at bandcamp : Gardening.

** Concertzender / X Rated live recordings at bandcamp : SumDark 12.

** New video by Geert Mul for Voltage Voltage Remix now online.

** Migrations in HOS podcast : Desert Caravan.

** Erker, Samson & Banabila live ; short edit now on vimeo.

** All WDKa films now online for Where ? (VoizNoiz)

** New tracks added to 'In Other Words'

** TENT performance at youtube.

** Radboud Mens Remix now online at bandcamp : Voltage Voltage.

** Start of a new video project with students of WDKA, soon online.

** Guest lecture on the Shanghai Conservatory of Music ; "The Mixture / music & places ; an exploration between sound & location".

** 'Organ Music Softly', a collabs by Robert Jarvis, Alln4tural & Michel Banabila .

Deel 2 interview vpro radio De Wissel.

** Crops ; start of a new video-project with Gerco de Ruijter.

** Interview vpro radio De Wissel.

** Letting Go (Gerco de Ruijter) at IFFR 2012.

** A new video by Geert Mul for Read My Lips on vimeo.

** Interview Mousique Blog.

** Music score for One False Move, a film by Clara van Gool & Ria Marks. (Key Film)

** Out now : Route Planner CD / Michel Banabila & Mete Erker.

** Read My Lips : a very nice IP Remix by Bogumil Misala.

** New podcast online.

** A new documentary by Rob Schröder (Holland Doc), "Een aanzienlijke reserve aan beschaving", soundtrack by Banabila. 


** Muziek voor Prometheus, van 4 oktober t/m 19 november 2011, Noord Nederlands Toneel. 

** Music for Nan Hoover films (live soundtrack interpretation).

** Infinite Road, a new collabs with Gerco de Ruijter.

Purloined Voices, an article on by Marc Weidenbaum.

Review: The Latest Research From The Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, in Ether Real. (see reviews on this page)

** Grounds concert : NTR Radio 6 Live.

** Collapsus on TV.

** In Other Words, Boat & Read My Lips : new downloads on soundcloud.

** Video (WDKA project) for 'Bicycle Exotica' on vimeo.

** Video (WDKA project) for 'Pirates' on youtube.

** Music for Letting Go, a video by Gerco de Ruijter on vimeo.

** Grounds : Vloeimans, Polat & Banabila live, a video by Geert Mul.

** Fields of Flowers ; EP album with contributions by Mete Erker, Eric Vloeimans, Joshua Samson & Jasper Soffers, out now on iTunes.

** A Crowd Of Voices (iTunes podcast).

** Migrations CD + interview on Echoes Radio.

** New recordings with Mete Erker.

** Vocal Void film in museum Breda.

** A new article on Disquiet by Marc Weidenbaum.

** Out Now : The Latest Research From The Department Of Electrical Engineering. (2011)

** Migrations CD #2 in top 25 Echoes Radio / interview with John Diliberto.

** Words Make A City ; new video online by Geert Mul (track : My Brain Is Electric)

** New soundscapes for Conny Janssen Danst & Anne Soldaat. (ZOUT)

** New albums available on iTunes.

** Streets, Dreams & Memories mix in Kink FM X Rated


** In A Language I Can Understand selected for Madatac 02, Madrid, December 2010. 

** New promo discs arrived.

** One track submitted to Numbers (CD), a project by Peter Broderick, on Sonic Pieces.

** Music for Twist.

** A new podcast by Peter van Cooten, more info and download here.

** Upc Hands (Tommy Pallotta), tune for a tv commercial.

** Voices From Within, a set on soundcloud.

** Muziek voor Alice In Wonderland van Ko Van Den Bosch (NNT).

** Urban Scapes remixed.

** Soundscape for Common Ground, (with live performances by Daniela Bernoulli, Mete Erker & Corrie van Binsbergen) a choreography by Conny Janssen.

** Out now ; a special limited vinyl edition (remixes) with Scanner.

** Music for The Perfume Route. (trailer)

** Videos In A Language I Can Understand & Something Unspoken broadcasted in Transfera.

** 'New recording with Mehmet Polat, on soundcloud.

** Music for Collapsus, an interactive online film by Tommy Pallotta for Submarine / VPRO.

** Music for Vocal Void, a 30 min. video by Geert Mul & Michel Banabila (IFFB 2010).

** Article on Disquiet.

** New live set with Geert Mul.

** Music score for feature film White Dove (Kevoka Spî) by Viyan Mayi, with Salar Said.

** Precious Images (2CD) now on iTunes.

** Soundtrack for 'Abu Birth', a short film by Tommy Pallotta about the history of Abu Dhabi, for Submarine.

** Lapidarium ; a new recording with Anton Goudsmit, Mehmet Polat & Anne Bakker.

** Music for Stand Up, a theatre play by Het Zuidelijk Toneel.

** Mixes for 'Random Acces Melodies', a new cd by Sandhya Sanjana.

** Small Talk  (off balance quasimodo mix) added to the Drone Project on Dark Duck Records.

** Zip Zap Zoom video trailer, choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa on 'A Strong Sense Of Urgency'.

** Free downloads on Soundcloud ; 'Something Unspoken' & 'Missing Words'

** Factories from the sky (track with Zenial) on Lumberton compilation CD Autumn Blood (constructions) out now.

** Collabs with Geert Mul on Youtube.

** New track uploaded on Soundcloud ; '...In A Language I Can Understand ...'

** Recordings with Salar Asid, Julia Ohrmann, Eric Vloeimans and Heiko Dijker: listen on myspace.

** Music for Grand Paris, a documentary by Bregtje van der Haak.

** Music for I am Gurgaon, a documentary by Marije Meerman.

** 'De mening van 6' ; NPS radio 28 Juni.

** T A P E (mix 2) ; bandcamp.

** 4 Page article by Corne Evers & some Flickr pix in Gonzo Magazine #92

** 'Friederich Remixed', new track online ; Folio - Radio 6.

** March 29 ; remix by Banabila (with Eric Vloeimans on trumpet) of Scanner's "The Radiance Of A Thousand Suns Burst Forth At Once", in X-Rated.

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